Some of ‘em make you cringe, some of them make you smile from the inside. Some of them make you want to curl up in a ball and die from boredom while some of them make you glad you’re alive. Well, all we want to know is: ‘What Black/African Movie do you wish was never made/why?’

Lady Sings the Blues. You can’t truly portray the tragedy of Billie Holliday’s life. Her story is too deep to be caught on tape and that was a sub par attempt.

Mike. 42. Corvallis. Professor / Writer

Time. A Nigerian movie that should never ever have been made. I don’t mean to say that the movie did not have a good plot - as a matter of fact it did (though it was somewhat predictable). But the Sound Engineers behind that movie were obviously deaf. How can you throw someone off a balcony, the guy is shouting for a good 6 secs whilst falling from the 1st floor of a duplex - one floor! and all I heard was AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaah! (the sound was made to sound distant as he fell in slow motion). Apart from the poor sound effects, the acting was a nail-biting experience to watch. We Africans should act the way we best can - as Africans. Imitating Americans  or Britons is laughable and damn right embarrassing. Well if you have absolutely nothing better to do on a Sunday and you want to kill over 2 hrs of your precious life then probably Time is just for you.

Tonwa. London.

How to be a Player. So very cheesy.

Liz Stanley. 19. Seattle. Student

Baby Boy. It’s really sad because I think it truly does tell the truth about black men and enforces what other races think of us.

Steven Wysinger. 22. Tuskegee. Student

Bar -B-Q/Beverly Hood. Portrayed blacks as folks who do not know how to act even when they are blessed with the opportunity to be rich. Boring ass movie!

Ekenne. 25. Houston. Engineer

Training Day. Does that count as an African-American film? I mean, I was just very disappointed in the role that Denzel chose. His worth is so much more than that. I realize that it was just a character that he was playing, but, for him to have won a Grammy for that role? Knowing that there have been films of a much higher caliber and standard that he's made and didn't receive the credit that he SHOULD have, just breaks my heart. Why Denzel…whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Sara. Atlanta. 24. Educator and Graduate Student.

Songs of Lawino. It’s by a Ugandan author (Okot P'Bitek). Its raw and innocent description of the modern girl's idea of beauty.

Julia. 25. Canterbury Kent. Student.

Barbershop 2 & The Wash. Were crap. Oh don't get me started. I can only count 3 or so good ones.

Ebiere. 22. Bradford, UK. Teacher

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