So the men either want to be the smooth, cool operator type in a relationship and after that, they just want to forget you exist! And the women, they want to be independent hard-working princesses, or at least thats the response we got when we asked several people the question If you were a lead character in a romantic/love movie, who would you be?

Angela Bassett. I have a great deal of respect for her. If its personality, I would say an independent, strong black female, doing her own thing. In control of her life, so to speak. In other words, not TOO much chaos going on. I just think that its so crucial for individuals, in particular females, to establish themselves independently before committing to a relationship as serious as marriage, etc. I am a very large advocate of such endeavors for both sexes.

-Sara, Atlanta.

Casanova. Legendary French womanizer. Hes a master of the art of seduction, and there;s nothing like a consummate player finally meeting his match.

-Emeka, Houston.

Sanaa Lathan in her Brown Sugar role. She loved what she did for a living and was hard-working and successful. She was sincere in her own way, I guess she was human.

-Julia, Canterbury.

Lucky from Poetic Justice. The character in the movie is just a regular, intelligent, hardworking and well read guy trying to improve himself and his life. It just so happens that in the movie his life has connected him with the beautiful and talented Justice (played by Janet Jackson, whom I wouldn't mind as a love interest might I add muhaha... ha). At first they butt heads time and time again, and the relationship seems to be going nowhere fast, but at a random family reunion they realize they share the same views about a lot of things, including domestic and social violence. From there on a platonic relationship is the least they will end up. I would love to play this character first of all because I can relate to his personality in a lot of ways (hardworking, risk taker and optimistic) and because it represents an aspect of real life that a lot of people are afraid to touch in movies and reality. Intelligent black people trying to make a better way for each other (legally) and as a bonus finding love on the way there. That's how it is meant to be... and Janet Jackson would be my onscreen lova lova haha. You can't beat that with a bat... nope nope!

--Chukwuma, Nashville and Atlanta

Jim Carey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind. I feel just like he and I think that it was great that he could erase his exes out of his life. Its funny though, how she just kept coming back into his life.

-Seyi, Portland.

Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind. He was his own man and he made and followed his own rules. He also had integrity and always did what was right ( in his own way). And of course, he was suave and debonair.

-Mike, Corvallis.

The Princess in sleeping beauty. Because the princess is always the prettiest in the movie. And so Id fit perfectly!

-Donna, Kuwait.

Jack Black from High Fidelity because he was such an entertaining character who suffered from none of the issues of being in love and inevitably helps the main character.

-Colin, Corvallis.

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