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By Toyin Josephs  

  “Im more of an entertainer than a rapper, I like to put on a show”  

Arinze Oruche better known as A.O, holding it in down for the Nigerians and better yet Africans in Indianapolis, Indiana by way of Los Angeles, California.  The first couple words that best describes him and his sound are fresh, versatile and “just-too-damn-fun”.  

This 20 year old rapper hails from Anambra state and was raised in Lagos; moved to the United States in the mid ‘90’s.  An interesting family of four siblings they are; in which he holds the 2nd position.  On his family, he says, “…No favorites in the siblings…everyone brings something to the table we could be a movie, its ridiculous; I’m telling you.” 

Unlike a lot of people trying to break into the music industry, AO is not doing what he is primarily for financial gain.  He does his music for fun and stability; a hobby that brings in a little pocket money can’t hurt. “I rap cuz its fun, and then I started making a lil’ money on campus, making  tapes. So I decided imma get a lil serious with it.  I just do it… If I get shine, imma put a lotta people dat I know out there..give them shine.”  

His music actually keeps him focused on his academic career as a junior in Indiana State University where he majors in Finance and Business Administration where he should be graduating from in May 2007.  “Music keeps me cool in school and balances me and not let me stress out.  And sometimes it gets me because I can’t be working on this I got to  work on a paper or something.”  

AO started writing his last year of high school when a girl he liked challenged him to write a poem for her.  From then on his poetry caught onto the school like fire in dry grass land.  He decided to transition from poetry to rap when a couple kids from his school told him he could not do it because rap is very different from poetry, and he sure did prove them wrong.  

In May 2004, he released his first album “King of the Jungle” as a joke and sold all 150 copies in two days.  His second album “The African Ambassador” should be dropping November 2005.  The title of his album came from the reactions that people gave him because he told them he was African.  It’s a way to show everyone that Africans can hold it down in a positive manner and also make money while they’re at it.  Some tracks on the upcoming album are “That’s wassup” a catchy hook-party song and “bad lil’ nigga,” a song talking about how he’s not a thug, doesn’t sell drugs, but he can hold his own.  

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