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Toni's " Song of the Month" is Faze's "Faze Alone " ... click play to listen. ENJOY!!

Please scroll down for our current issue!!!!! Welcome to the Anniversary issue of Nigerian Entertainment Online magazine. First and foremost I would like to thank the NE TEAM for such a wonderful issue. It has been 3 years of tremendous growth. Please sit back, relax and enjoy this issue. Nigerian Entertainment now features a radio playlist which will be updated regularly with nothing but the best music from Nigeria. My song of the month is Faze Alone by Faze, this guy is very talented. He is one of the few artists and I mean very few I have seen with a full album featuring 17 solid tracks. Hurray for FAZE.. Now, I also wanted to highlight a duo that I believe need much attention, they are Mad Melon and Mountain Black and their song that I really like is called Danfo Driver, supposedly they used to be Danfo Drivers ( commercial vehicle drivers) before turning musicians. Well great decision because they are quite talented although I would have loved to see more tracks on their album. Their song is on the playlist so make sure you listen to it and feel free to tell us what you think.

Side Note: I've been hearing about bad reviews about Blackface's album ghettochild. Well let me just say, blackface is absolutely BRILLIANT. His album may not be the regular sappy love songs and fantasy life type songs we all like to hear in mainstream music these days. He is real!. The beats, lyrics, his voice, just the whole compilation is unique. Music is a form of expression and Blackface with his new album expresses to me that he is a very intelligent man who is aware of his surroundings and knows how to bring it forth in his music and make it sound good to the ears. KUDOS Blackface. Pick up the album and judge for yourself, or listen to some of his tracks on our playlist . . My favorite tracks are 2. Hard Life and 4. Pain me and 11. Show me

To all the promoters in the United States what's going on with you guys? We have talent I do not see being explored at international shows. With the amount of e-mail we get from people wanting to know when a certain artist will be in their city I would have though someone would be using the demand to their advantage, but I guess not. Now for those in the UK do not miss Intro Jam in June, its guaranteed to be off the hook. Now, wouldn't it be just lovely if there was a major concert somewhere in the world featuring Faze, Ruggedman, Mad Melon and Mountain Black, Styl-Plus, Azadus, Sunny Neji, Eedris AbdulKareem and maybe P-Square. I know I would be there enjoying every second of it.

Back to the issue, our anniversary issue features a lot of fun, interesting, reads. We hope you take something new out of here before closing your browser. Don't forget to visit our store and our general information page for all the info you may need regarding Nigerian Entertainment.

Always - Antonia (Toni)



May/June 05


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