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About us

Nigerian Entertainment is Nigeria's number one entertainment website, bringing you the latest news, movie reviews, fashion trends, music reviews, intriguing discussions, celebrity insiders, and lots of exciting content. We have a dynamic physical presence all over the world, which was created to serve as an avenue for the endorsement and showcase of the peoples, arts, and cultures of Nigeria and all its associations. With a vast audience spreading across the world and a dedicated member base consisting of people from North America, Europe, Africa, we have achieved what no other Nigerian entertainment website has been able to achieve.

Our unique approach to the Nigerian Entertainment industry along with a popular discussion forum makes us the most popular source for information on this booming industry. We make our magazine very interactive giving the audience a chance to participate as well as give feedback as to what they expect. Nigerian Entertainment has continued to make it presence felt in and around the country with notable mentions in Nigerian publications and information websites.

We are dedicated to creating an outlet for writers and entertainers of all ages and backgrounds, maintaining an atmosphere with our forums that fosters learning, friendship and networking, and promoting events and activities that support what the name represents. We believe that in doing so we can achieve positive changes in the lives of our people, elevation of our arts and enlightenment of our readers. We are guided by the 'Entertainment with a purpose' ideology.

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In order to help us achieve our future growth and expansion to a more diversified audience, we are currently seeking private and cooperate sponsors for our magazine. There are a lot of benefits to be derived from becoming a sponsor, such as a wide target audience, competitive rates (open rates sheet), different forms of sponsorship programs (banner advertisement, editorial mention, etc) easy payment methods and most especially we offer value for your money.

Sponsoring Nigerian Entertainment is a decision you won't regret. You not only help us bring this service free of charge, you also help promote the Nigerian Entertainment Industry while getting your business noticed. For more information please feel free to contact us at sponsors@nigerianentertainment.com

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Event Coverage

Nigerian Entertainment offers event coverage and promotion services. If you have an up coming event and you would like us to spread the word or if you would like your event featured in one of our issues please feel free to contact us at info@nigerianentertainment.com with subject heading event. We do recommend you give us a few weeks advance notice about your event. If your event requires a press pass, please do not forget to make arrangements for and mention it when you contact us.

Contribution & Feedback

Nigerian Entertainment always welcomes new writers or talent that would like to either write for us, be featured by us or help us out in any manner. Also if you know anybody who you think deserves to be placed in the spotlight due to some high achievements in life, let us know by writing and telling us why you think this person deserves to be featured. We are looking for out going people to cover different events in different areas. If you have an event you would like to submit please contact us, we do require images be at least 400x300 pixels and visible. A brief description of the event and images will also have to be attached to the file sent. Writers that would like to write for Nigerian Entertainment should contact us with their story idea or submission. Music artist should also feel free to email us samples of their music and if its good enough it may just make it into our play list.

We do welcome any form of feedback, so please feel free to drop us a note at info@nigerianentertainment.com and tell us what you think. We look forward to hearing from you.

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