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Missing Angel

Stella damasus aboderin...dolly

Desmond elliot...Angel

Empress Njamah....Julie

Norbert Young....Pastor

Tuvi James....Thompson

Directed by charles Novia

The movie tells the story of Dolly (Damasus-Aboderin) who all her lifetime had been besieged by misfortunes and poverty. She eventually loses her grip on hope when her little brother and the only surviving family that she had, dies of an illness because she couldn't afford to buy drugs for him. Dolly is totally disoriented and even goes to the extent of asking God to take her life too since life didn't seem worth living.
Things take a turn for Dolly when after betting with the last money she had, she won a lottery of ten million naira. Instantly her life is turned around and she becomes a rich successful business woman. Unknown to her, an angel of death (Elliot) was already assigned to take her life on her 25th birthday to fulfil the oath she made, and he surfaces at her house at about the same time an arranged blind date by Dolly's close friend (Julie) was supposed to show up. Dolly takes the angel of death as the supposed blind date and thinks he's a joker when he tells her his mission. Things move on and Dolly begins to get close to the spiritual being who now calls himself just 'Angel'. There are tight situations where his behaviour show that he's totally a stranger to our world but that does not stop a love relationship booming between the two.
Eventually the story reaches a climax where it is discovered that the original blind date never showed up and things began to take a new turn and the real identity of 'Angel' is known. It's a battle of emotions, fear, spiritual realities till the touching end.

Stella Damasus plays her part effectively and puts life strongly into her character. Elliot gives a magnificent play of the handsome yet sinister spiritual being in human form. His delivery of lines is one catchy aspect of the film that gives his character a unique stand. Empress Njamah always seems to know how to act as a friend in many movies and plays her part well as Dolly's best friend 'Julie'. Tuvi James portrayal of Julie's fiance 'Thompson' is watery and not all that impressive. Don Olaolu Richards does a fairly good job portraying 'Lord Hades', Angel's master from the underworld.

The movie carries a strong moral which buttresses a true a point about the way we make vows or curses that could affect our lives.

There are some lapses though. How realistic is the movie? An angel that has no where to stay sounds ridiculous doesn't it? And are Angels always as helpless as Elliot's character? It all looks more of an alien situation than an angel situation. But hey, it's fictional so we'll let it pass though in reality its not that easy to have an angel of death come to announce to you that it's time to die.

But despite all the lapses the movie manages to carry the suspense that gets you wondering how the story would end and sure enough the end is surprising. The portrayal of spiritual beings was strong, convincing and not blown out of proportion until the scene where Elliot's character had to reveal his true self. It was a ridiculous revelation that wasn't well depicted. The flashes and show of funny looking black robed people didn't say anything much and apart from Elliot's character, they looked too ridiculous to be serious.

Also I wouldn't like to forget to mention that the movie bears a striking resemblance to an American movie titled 'City of Angels' which explores similar issues. Elements of plagiarism?

Some of the scenes in the movie are worth applauding; the scene where 'Angel' asks to be taught how to kiss, the scene where 'Angel' makes his first appearance at Dolly's house, and the final scene (my favourite) where 'Angel' makes a glorious exit after dropping very strong and powerful lines.

A good movie with impressive dialogue that etches deep into your thoughts, beautiful casting selection and nice sound effects. Novia did a good job of this production.

Lesson learnt from the movie:
Death and life are in the power of the tongue...prov.18:21

Rating * * * * ------- Grab some popcorn!

* * * * *------- Can we watch it again?
* * * * ------- Grab some popcorn!
* * * ------- Watchable
* * ------- I'm feeling sleepy
* ------- A waste of your money!

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