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Deadly Ambition

Victoria Iyama.....Doris

Tony Umez......Emeka

Emmanuel Amah.....Chief Obi

Chinyere Wilfred.....Mama Doris

Alex Amara......Daniel

Directed by Victor Hara & Tiwo Oduala

Simply told, it would have been nice to say the story is about a particular person but rather it's about everybody in the movie. Emeka is a young dubious bachelor who wants to marry Doris the daughter of Chief Obi, a wealthy and over-ambitious politician. Emeka goes about setting up fake emergencies in which he rescues Doris so as to be admired by her family; Tina is Doris' adulterous cousin who wants Emeka badly and betrays her cousin to snatch the guy through diabolic means; Daniel is Doris irresponsible brother who impregnates the housegirl and is crazy about smoking hemp....the list goes on. At the end of it all the whole movie looks more like a badly produced soap serial that was loosely joined together.

The casting selection was very poor. Many of the characters did not fit their roles and were over-exaggerating issues in thier performance. The dwarf who played the native doctor in the first scene was pathetic and was reciting his lines like a real amateur. I must confess that I laughed when the Chief called him the 'wise one' because he looked more like the 'Silly one'.
The role of Chief Obi was too artificially carried by Emmanuel Amah and looked unrealistic. The character of Tina was fairly convincing but at times would drift into exaggerated unrealistic composures. The sensuality shown by both characters of Tina and Doris (Victoria Iyama) looked way too artificial and made the whole charade look very obvious that they were acting. I found it shocking that the real name of the actress that played the part of Tina wasn't included in the credits at the end of the movie.

The role of Daniel played by Alex Amara was meant to be serious in some aspects but I found it rather hilarious. The guy was trying too hard and he sounded like a ghanaian (Is he?) and he didn't look like part of his family in the movie. He was just there to fill the space.
One annoying thing about the movie was the way minor characters suddenly became major characters and the sudden introduction of multiple antagonists that had their bad acts focused in different directions. Then we see laziness in the movie maker's efforts by using rumor monger characters to tie up loose ends of the story they obviously found hard to correlate together.

As usual for such a movie, you'll find many unrealistic scenes;
· After sleeping with Emeka the next thing Tina had to ask him to do was marry her and forget Doris...what a realistic is that?
· The ritual process of doris' recovery from madness was wack. Was kind of spiritualist was that?
· The kind of rumours carried were just too over exaggerated.
And so many others to mention a few...

The movie had a lot of lapses. Too many useless dialogues, poor delivery of lines (were the actors under pressure?) There was no proper sound filtering you could hear chickens, car horns, neighboring noises in the background all obstructing proper audio. The audio was bad and you don't get to hear what they say quite well. Only one soundtrack ran throughout the movie...a boring soundtrack that kept talking about deadly ambitions. A watery storyline that had faulty sense of direction.

Anything impressive about the movie? Hmm...well I'll say that one impressive thing about the movie was the costume of the doc's fiancée after she ran mad. Now that looked very realistic!

Lessons to learn from the movie: None!

Rating * * ------- I'm feeling sleepy

* * * * *------- Can we watch it again?
* * * * ------- Grab some popcorn!
* * * ------- Watchable
* * ------- I'm feeling sleepy
* ------- A waste of your money!

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