Africa's Nigeria

Switch on your senses, maybe slightly to my frequency
Follow me on a journey to a land full of history
Strap on tight, you're going to see a lot of greenery
When you first step into the continent called Africa
As a form of respect, you have to bow before you enter
We might meet the harmattan or intense sunshine
In an area that forms one-fifth of the earth's land surface
Where there's a race with majority black populace
All living together as one, however, I want to take you to a special part of it
A part around the West belly of this well-respected continent,
Sitting right on top of the infamous Atlantic coast
A country that stands out amongst the rest
Wealthy for its natural resources enough to attract hungry guests
The land where I hail from - NIGERIA
With a multi-million population in there
Good food and the palm-wine almost stronger than white rum
The culture and tradition makes me proud to say "this is where I'm from"
Land full of vegetative grass and unique plateaus
The division of this land following a particular status-quo
The rich gets richer and the poor, poorer
Each living at their various levels but seems to be comfortable
Men and women of different ages pregnant with tenacity
And that's part of the story of our ethnic diversity
Diversity in language and sometimes ideology
Though, we seem to live past our differences in these circumstances
Into a life full of confidence, believing in our existence
And yes, the country is now in political chaos,
Having NIGERIA in my blood is still my ultimate salvation
I've experienced the beautiful qualities that is contained and the sight of authentic art
Feeling of being part of a big family, no other country can compete with that
Statues stationed in places symbolizing important works of sculpture
Aiming to collectively support our forever developing culture
Our heritage protected by writers like Chinue Achebe (The Great) and Prof Soyinka
Singers introducing legendary creativity, especially works from the late Sir Fela
And this is just to mention a few, obviously to our senses these names are not new
I thank my readers for coming out with me on this unique ride
You see, I write this raising my head high and full of honourable pride
I put myself to sleep each night wishing to dream of my motherland
Dream of those days walking the Lagos streets with my right palm in my mother's hand
I do dream of going back, I feel like a stranger 'ere in this white man's land
I'm one of the many Children of NIGERIA and I repeat, nothing else can compare with that.

Rasheed O. (NE screen name: Richard) ©2005

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