An interview with Sunny Nneji: A straight to point A & B with the man who is making us all anticipate a wedding day.

NE: For those who donít already know, who is Sunny Nneji?

SN: I'm from Ogoja Local Government Area in Cross-Rivers State of Nigeria. I'm the last of five kids.

NE: How long have you been in this business?

SN: As an art, as long as I can remember. As a business, since the early 90's.

NE: What was it like starting out

SN: Challenging. Life is always about challenges ,even now.

NE: What would you call your style of music?

SN: It's contemporary, its African, it's got soul, spirit, rythm and highlife.

NE: Tell us about your current album, Unchained?

SN: Unchained is a 12-tracker and it was released in Dec. 2003 under O'Jez Music label. I titled the album Unchained because its the beginning of a revealing process.

NE: What has the response been like?

SN: The response has been incredibly amazing

NE: Your song Oruka is a very beautiful song, what inspired the song?

SN: The need to have a wedding song

NE: Do you get a lot of wedding requests due to that song?

SN: Very much so.

NE: Where would you say your career is at the moment?

SN: Right now I would say Iím climbing steadily to the Top.

NE: Where do you see your career in another 5 years?

SN: On top of the world.

NE: How many albums do you have to date?

SN: 4 albums and a single.

NE: Who do you think your fans are?

SN: My fan base cuts across all age groups. The young and old feel me, even the kids.

NE: What are your feelings about the Nigerian Music industry?

SN: I'm not too happy about where we are presently, but Iím optimistic that it'll get better soon.

NE: What obstacles have you had to face breaking into the industry? I've had to face series of rejections from recording companies.

NE: Whatís a normal day like for you?

SN: Everyday is supposed to be different, if today is exactly like yesterday, then something is wrong.

NE: Are you currently working on any projects?

SN: Currently Iím trying to strategize on how to expand my fan base.

NE: What artists have you worked with and what artists would you like to work with?

SN: I've worked with Lagbaja, Sammy Okposo, Rymzo, Sola Mojeed, Dele Taiwo, Freestyle. I'll like to work with Wyclef, R.Kelly, Salawa Abeni, Wasiu Ayinde, K.1, Osadebe.

NE: Any plans to break into the international scene?

SN: Yeah! We are making plans.

NE: What major artist would you compare your music to and why?

SN: I cant compare my music to any artiste. I sing from the heart.

NE: Is sunny Nneji single,? If not how does your other half deal with your fame?

SN: I'm married with two lovely kids. I donít think its the easiest thing in the world, but then everything is a challenge.

NE: Is there anything you would like to share with our readers about yourself?

SN: For them to always make that extra effort to buy only the original of my music.

NE: What advice would you offer up and coming artist.

SN: For them to always believe in themselves no matter the circumstances.

NE: If someone wanted to book you for a show, how would they go about doing that?

SN: Call my managers on 08033438458, 08034015948 or 08023241089.

NE: Your album, for those who would like to pick one up, where can they do that?

SN: O'Jez Music at National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos. Or Impakt at Suite BC 23, Maryland Business Plaza,

350/360 Ikorodu Road , Lagos. Or call 08023154020, 014750708

NE: Thanks for your time..


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