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RIP OFF 1 & 2

Starring: Ramsey Noah, Genevieve Nnaji, Nnamdi Eze, Andy Chukwu, Blessed Elijah, Charles Lawson.

Story: A man (Ramsey Noah) who goes by the nickname "cross" because nobody ever double crosses him and gets away with it. He specializes in blackmailing bankers, top government officials who indulge in stealing the Nations money. He makes sure he gets a good cut out of every dubious deal they strike. He is a hard man…until he meets and falls in love with a street wise girl Helen (Genevieve Nnaji) lol…why didn't I see that coming. He eventually marries her against the wishes of friends and family members. Helen wants to continue her old ways, despite his resistance, then Helen plans to kill him. She seduces his best friend and confidant and eventually convinces him to kill cross, but will they get away with it?

My take: Well, its definitely interesting and well delivered, but for a few amateur actors added to the cast. Genevieve, Ramsey and Nnamdi carry out their roles very well. The only problem I had with the film was the fact that they were shooting and killing in broad daylight without law enforcement officers at least chasing after them. Is that even possible? All in all, it was a good film.

Games women play

Starring:: Bob-Manuel Udokwu, Genevieve Nnaji, Stella Damasus-Aboderin, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Zack Orji.

Story: A woman, Emma (Stella Damasus) is married to Bill (Bob) in the states but because Bill is living with a white woman in order to get immigration papers, she cannot trace her husband during a bomb blast and she assumes he is dead. She marries another man, Damian, two months after not knowing her husband's really in jail. Eight years later, her new husband brings home an old friend who has been jailed in the states for a crime he didn't commit and it turns out to be Bill, her first husband. Bill is determined to have his wife back (didn't he ever hear about "finders keepers loses weepers"?) not minding the fact that she is now married to his friend. The brouhaha that followed was only natural. Meanwhile, on the other hand Candy (Genevieve) who is a celebrity in the movie, .
feels she can play God by setting her friend up with her fiancé, but ends up getting her fingers burnt.

My take: This movie is a lesson on how movies should be made. A viewer can also learn three outstanding lessons on morals, especially about wayward women who conveniently forget their actions will have effect on their children. A star studded movie, no dull moment from beginning to end. And very well worth the two parts asides from a few flaws.

Gets 4 smileys from me..


Starring: Zack Orji, Omotola Jalade, Frank Lemo, Colins Onwuchei.

Story: Augusta (Omotola) is supposedly happily married to Fidelis (Zack Orji) with four kids, but when one of his kids becomes a victim of a car accident and needs a blood transfusion, they discover that Fidelis is not the biological father of the boy. After further investigation they find out that his younger brother too is also the father of one of his supposed kids-only two are his. All hell is let loose.

My take: Good storyline and casting ,well delivered, technical quality is also good…and the movie should command a general appeal…but I think they got the name all messed up….I guess it was supposed to be "WORST MARRIAGE"….


Starring: Kanayo O. Kanayo, Patience Ozokwor

Story: Four siblings of whom Kanayo's character plays the first son, are living and getting along fine, until one of the women, played by Patience Ozokwor-starts nursing a political ambition, and starts patronizing a herbalist introduced to her by her friends. She ends up killing her young 'prettier' sister and her father. The only two surviving sisters start to make life miserable for her only son. Patience is found guilty of killing her two immediate relatives and the family has to plead for her release (simply because she confessed). Are we morons? To cap it all, the dead sister's fiancé shoots the guilty woman right under the nose of the police and the entire family in the bid for revenge…

My take: Clumsy and almost unreal storyline. If the movie was a comedy, which it wasn't, the battle scenes might have scored an "A" At a point the writer derails and starts inserting bad scenes and the movie gets on the less interesting note.

End of Money

Starring: Pete Edochie, Kanayo .O. Kanayo, Obot Etuk, Kenneth Okonkwo

Story: A bank manager (Kenneth Okonkwo) is managing his life with the average income he receives from the bank until he meets an old school mate driving a sleek car, buying houses here and there (same ol' same ol'). His life is never the same after the meeting, more like from fry pan to fire, that's how his life keeps going. He eventually joins a secret cult only to find out that his main benefactor is dating his wife, Chiege openly.

My take: Its obvious the producer of this film has a good budget to spend on this movie…its fairly star studded but lacks direction. Also the title "End of Money" bears no relevance to the storyline. The way the movie ends is entirely a different kettle of fish, after a public show of money and wife snatching saga, the part two ends without direction. Heard there's a part 3, lets keep out fingers crossed then.

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